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Personal page of Lorenzo Grassia


Hi I am a SWAG Promoter and thanks to Swag today I am a fan and entrepreneur of the Bitcoin and Fintech world. I chose to be SWAG and only 100% Swag for several reasons, but one of them is the one that made me take the decisive step:


Create an income and above all a monthly income in bitcoin...
and it's working,
before every month grows!


Let me ask you two questions::


Do you own 1,00 whole Bitcoin? No?...Why?
If yes, are you having it produced to get more?


The answers for now keep them for you, but I'll explain why I, among many,
I chose SWAG



A 360° project on the Bitcoin world shared with our Community and with which we share the profits of our Exchange and Mining products!


A project for which Swag holds the source codes of the platforms developed with its own software house; that's why Swag can really do a Sharing Profit project!
Sustainability and Transparency are our focus!

With Swag you and your friends can get all the tools to produce, earn money and work with bitcoins right away.




The simplest and most practical Exchange that combines in a single App:
● an e-wallet,
● a real bank account with its own IBAN
● a debit card




Computing power packs and Miner computers are at your disposal to extract your new bitcoins every month.




For promoters, in addition to a training, we offer an exceptional back-office, complete with all the features needed to build and manage their career effectively.


Change your life

Enter as a professional in the Bitcoin system with SWAG, the network dedicated to you who want to earn money working with the best services and the most reliable solutions for bitcoin.


Entrepreneur of yourself

A new entrepreneur in an emerging market with enormous potential. With SWAG you have access to the rapidly expanding, innovative and highly desirable Fintech sector. Today you have the chance to build your dream of success and economic freedom by means of bitcoin and the new system of banking, or rather to be your own bank


Our headquarters

Our registered office is in Estonia, Tartu mnt 83, 10115 Tallinn




With Swag you can not only accumulate Bitcoins and spend them if you want with your own Card everywhere, but you can enjoy a different and unique Lifestyle, also being able to participate to vacations paid by the company thanks to a meritocratic Compensation Plan.

Enter in the community!


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But let's go into the details of the
4 unique and proprietary
things that SWAG offers




The incredible growth of the number of Bitcoin users, has seen a progressive approach to this technology of a constantly increasing number of people, but, as it always happens, the approach of the masses to new technologies, is strongly limited by the initial difficulties, linked to a generally complex system, which does not facilitate the inexperienced user and poorly prepared to the novelties.


In the light of these considerations, SWAGGY was born:


   The easiest crypto platform to enter this world.


Swaggy is in fact the first exchange that really allows anyone to use BTC:


In a simple way
Eliminating all barriers
Making understandable what seems complex.
With an affordable cost for everyone.

Every user, resident in any country worldwide, can register for free on Swaggy and manage from a single app, which can be used by both Mobile and Tablet and PC:

Your Wallet in Btc to buy, sell, send and receive Btc.
Your own Fiat currency current account with your personal Iban.
Your Debt Card.


The Swaggy Platform is more than just an Exchange, it is an evolving suite of tools that makes it easier, faster and more convenient for users to buy Bitcoins, manage them and use them in their daily lives.


In a very short time a user can subscribe to Swaggy and after KYC, he can open in a few seconds his Wallet in Btc, his current account in Fiat currency and request a debit card.


A single platform that allows Swaggy users to manage both their savings and payments.


Swaggy has banking partners that allow the opening of its account all over the world and therefore the growth of its diffusion is exponential.




MINING SWAG Mining within everyone's reach


Become one of our miners and start your own business


Mining facilities and locations


We inaugurated months ago our first mining plant in Russia and particularly in Siberia, where we can take advantage of excellent weather conditions (-2° average temperature in the year) and energy costs among the lowest in the world, costs that greatly affect the profitability of operations.

. All this thanks to the partnership that Swag has managed to conclude with the world's leading MINING FARM company. Professionalism, know-how and top security!


Swag was also able to conclude a direct agreement with the world's undisputed leader in mining machinery, without intermediaries, securing purchase costs that were unthinkable until recently. This means optimised costs and benefits for maximum profitability!


Transparency and sharing


We share our successes and initiatives with the members of our community.


Our Top Promoters have directly been at the existing Mining plants and many others will visit those that new ones.


. Find out with our APP "Swag Promoter Dashboard" ! You will be able to simulate the production, based on worldwide recognized data with the characteristics of the machine and entering the value of Bitcoin you can easily see how much you can get.


3 - Business model


Swag believes in people and focuses its entire business on this. Every action, every strategy, every choice is oriented to the satisfaction of the people it comes into contact with.


For this very reason the distribution model used is Network Marketing (NM). The NM is a distribution system in constant and continuous growth. Invented in the 1950s, it is based on the transformation of a customer into a promoter of the same product that he has purchased and that he uses with satisfaction and that he therefore enjoys sharing.


Worldwide more than 12,000 companies successfully use this type of approach to the end customer and more than 150,000 new people per week join a to a network project.

Born in the United States, it has spread substantially in every country in the world without exception. The major companies in the sector have been thriving for over 40 years and after having reached the on the stock exchange, today they continue to bill and marginate billions dollars worldwide.


Thanks to this system, based essentially on word of mouth, millions of people who have joined the N.M., have literally changed their lives, obtaining economic satisfaction of the highest level and work gratifications for the results obtained. The full satisfaction of Swag customers therefore becomes a focal point of the system because, in addition to being users of the platform, they become the first promoters of the entire initiative and the opportunities related to it.


But what are the strengths of the Network Marketing created by Swag?


Here you can see the entire "SWAG Opportunity Presentation".


In addition to the various bonuses described in the video, we also have the Car Bonus, a SWAG benefit.



Here you can see in detail the "How to Start with SWAG" and which Starter Kit to choose


Access to our official Telegram group. "Swag Community Bitcoiners




4 - Access to our midweek work system


We believe that every successful company pursues an efficient work system. Swag has designed its own work system that is not only efficient but also simple and feasible for everyone, even by those who have no experience of Network Marketing. A promoter that in its first year of experience in Multilevel have already reached 5 digit monthly commissions.


In order to be efficient, the Swag system is active every working day with free online Webinars, which cover both the presentation of the Swag opportunity, a Question & Answer session, and Swag Training (Training in or about the world of Bitcoin, or about personal growth or how to take full advantage of the opportunity, exploiting the full potential of the Compensation Plan). In short, a work system that only makes the difference, certainly 1 of the 3 reasons why you should choose Swag.


Access to our official website


Our Swag branded sites








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