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Just like you, I came in out of curiosity, and just like you, I started by asking for more information. My knowledge grew and I soon discovered a fantastic opportunity to grow. Now it is your turn, follow me!

Diego Chiapperini
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Together to grow!

We work every day with the utmost attention and availability to grow the community of Swag users. A community that has grown satisfactorily in just a few years, bringing Swag to the top of its category. What are you interested in?

SWAG is mining is simple, transparent and guaranteed. Only with SWAG do you have the chance to have a tailor-made service, grow financially and have the opportunity of a lifetime.
Not only mining, but also advanced ewallet services, cryptocurrencies, artificial intelligence and innovative products. As well as all the conveniences of Swaggybank
Both SWAG and the agents comply with the values of Law 173/2005 governing distance selling activities. SWAG also adheres to the OAM(Organismo Agenti Mediatori) as a guarantee of its professionalism.
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Here is SWAG is mining farm: where our machines mine bitcoin 24/7!

SWAG Visit our mining farm with us

Live interview In Swag is mining farm

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Discover opportunities for growth and prepare for a future created with your own will. Being a SWAG appointee will allow you to express the best of your abilities, learn the best sales techniques and work actively and concretely ala building your future. Today you have the opportunity to guide your future through a growth path designed to make you an entrepreneur. Become a master of your time, tailor your commitment to your needs, and decide in complete freedom.

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Your goal? To earn money right away with a reliable and innovative product. A Swag appointee is followed at all times, advised, supported and valued.
You have the opportunity to grow, to improve your professionalism through training courses. But always combining expectations, desires and time in the best way.
With your commitment we can do great things. Swag will help you develop values, work as a team by understanding the importance of team spirit, but also have fun.

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The SWAG ewallet, simple and free, try it now! And try the exclusive tools at your disposal to better manage your electronic wallet.


Credit card, checking account, ability to manage all your payments in Euros easily and taking advantage of all the services of SWAG.


Credit card, checking account, ability to manage all your payments in Euros easily and taking advantage of all the services of SWAG.



Joining the Swag world as a protagonist means participating in opportunities for discussion and updating, for study and improvement. Educational experiences and in-depth sessions, but also fun in the most exclusive locations, unique experiences, entertainment and the right recognition for one is efforts. See all our events

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